Hotel Shiroi Todai

A large hotel on top of a hill, with an outdoor bath overlooking the pacific ocean. Meals are included depending on the season.


Tokushima Prefecture, Kaifu-gun, Minami-cho, Hiwasaura 455

〒779-2304 徳島県海部郡美波町日和佐浦455

Tel: 0884-77-1170


Check-in:15:30  Check-out:10:00

Accommodation Fee

Without meals: ¥6,000

Breakfast Only: ¥6,000

Breakfast and Dinner included: 8,000円~

No. of rooms: Western style x9 Japanese style x15 Japanese/Western style x5

Amenities: Ocean-view outdoor public bath・All rooms ensuite・Wheelchair friendly

Location: 24-minute walk from Hiwasa Station and Yakuoji

Other: The hotel owns a number of cats, so not suitable for those with a cat allergy. English not spoken in hotel.